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KonSoft Ecosystem

We provide an extensive family of products that all are based on the KonSoft Main Controller.

Built-in Control Panel

Every KonSoft Main Controller has a built-in control panel, that you can access from any device.

Flexible System

Not satisfied with the limited options of other home automation solutions? Our system can be adapted to fit your needs.

KonSoft System Data backup

We backup your KonSoft system's stored data, so if for any reason any part of the system fails, your data will be safe.

Access from anywhere

Went on a trip or are at work, but want to see how, for example your plant's are doing? The KonSoft system can be accessed from anywhere on earth.

Main Controller Access Point

Your home network can't reach the controller? No worries, the main controller automatically creates it's own access point, so nodes can still connect to it.

Our Products

KonSoft Main controller

The center of the KonSoft ecosystem.

OneDrop Watering Node

Water and monitor your plants with this KonSoft node.





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KonSoft focuses on user-friendly products and being as outreaching as possible. We care about your problems or questions and wish to help you as fast and as qualitively as possible.

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